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Screenprint Exhibition • From Berlin With Love

16. August 2017

BOHEI Gallery presents Adeline Meilliez, a Berlin-based French artist, specialized in both painting and screen printing. After graduating from the HEAR in Strasbourg (Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin), she has pursued her passion for old and traditional printing techniques, by joining various residency programs around the world.

She has been living in Berlin since 2009 and join the Drucksalon screen-printing studio. Her goal is to constantly experiment and push the technique to its limits. She works with the screen printer as a painter, and conceives her own colors, mixing néon and old cosmetics in order to create her personal and unique ink.
Berlin stirs up Adeline’s inspiration, as well as History of Arts, the whole combined into a urban vibe.

Her artwork is all about depth, shade and light; standing somewhere between fading-in and fading-out. We can immediately sense her desire to develop a colorful world where photography and painting are combined.
Lively, Adeline weaves her art with strength and sensitivity.



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